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I am currently producing full-time at Double Plus Productions in their Commercial Department. Before that, I was an associate producer on Season 01 of FOX/Bento Box's Duncanville

I made the transition to production in an effort to translate years of floor experience into more effective and accurate schedules, budgets, and pipelines.

Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of working in various directorial positions, a portion of them being on non-union shows. This often leads to "wearing multiple hats", combining roles and responsibilities outside the purview of your contractual obligations. For years, I viewed this as a paid education, helping me learn exactly what is required to be successful in almost every position on the floor, both creatively and organizationally.
Compounded over 14 years of high-level professional work, I've developed a robust production skillset.

I am always thrilled to discuss managerial thoughts and techniques. If you are interested in my services, I'd be happy to discuss these techniques and share examples of my work.

Feel free to contact me at

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