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I recently wrapped on producing the first season of FOX's newest animated hit, Duncanville, which just secured a
Season 2!

I've had the pleasure of working a variety of directorial positions in my animation career, a portion of them were on non-union based shows. This often leads to "wearing more hats" during a production, combining roles and responsibilities that your main title may not reflect. 


As such, in my year 10 years of animation experience, I've developed a robust production portfolio.

I am incredibly happy to share this portfolio, though I must limit how accessible and available I make it to the public. 

The following are a few samples of what I have to offer:


  •  Mock drafts (to protect existing or current production content) for developmental and series ready productions, including scheduling, budgeting, hiring lists, and more. 

  • Mock asset breakdown and organizational techniques similar to those used on FX's Emmy-winning series, ARCHER. 

  • Innovative Excel and Google Sheets coding to streamlining production staff use and accessibility. 

If you have any interest in reviewing these examples, please feel free to contact me through the site, or email me at

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