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Adam Toews

Born in Framingham, MA

Raised in Bridgton, ME

Went to school in Savannah, GA

Started career in Atlanta, GA

Continued career in Portland, OR 

Currently lives and works in Los Angeles CA

Adam Toews (last name pronounced "Taves") graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in early 2008, pursuing ambitious career goals during a tough recession. He holds a major in film and animation, with a concentration on 2D character animation, as well as a minor in storyboarding and pre-production for animation.

After graduating, Adam has worked for several distinguished Georgia-based animation houses, including Turner, Cartoon Network, Radical Axis, and Floyd County Productions. He has since ventured to the west coast, working with studios like  Bento Box Entertainment and ShadowMachine. Most recently, Toews transitioned his thorough understanding and knowledge of the pipeline towards production, acting as Associate Producer on Season 01 of FOX's new animated comedy, Duncanville!

Some of his work can be seen on the following television programs, web series, and video games, including:

  • SyFy's Alien News Desk (Graphics Supervisor)

  • SyFy's Dallas and Robo (Art Director)

  • FX's Archer (Co-Supervising Director)

  • FX's Chozen (Supervising Director)

  • Seeso/VRV's "HARMONQUEST" (Animation Director)

  • Battleborn (designer/animator)

  • adult swim's Squidbillies (2D Animator)

  • adult swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force (traditional 2D animator/clean-up artist)

He is currently Art Directing with Bento Box Entertainment on a high profile series coming to FOX later this year!

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