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Old Pam Poovey

Old Pam Poovey

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Supervising Director

Old Pam Poovey was an incredibly fun DVD bonus short created between Seasons 5 and 6 of Archer. The premise was Pam's take on "real world" farm life, set to "Old McDonald", vs. Cyril's hyper critical (and scarily accurate) corporate version. 

I was responsible for overseeing every part of the project, including, but not limited to, storyboards, character design, layout design, illustration assets, character builds and rigging, animation, backgrounds, 3D environments/vehicles and compositing.

In addition to departmental oversight, I also maintained schedules, checked time cards, broke down scripts for assets, managed and maintained asset spreadsheets and google docs, ran daily/weekly production meetings and check-ins, and communicated with executive producers and clientele.

When time allowed, I was able to storyboard, as well as help out my talented Art Director on the project, Claire Almon, with design choices, mood boards, style sheets, while also gathering videos and images for reference.

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