Supervising Director / Art Director


Chozen was one of the first shows our ambitious staff touched after years of working together on ARCHER.

Like Archer, the roles and responsibilities of an Art Director on this show was that of a Supervising Director, Line Producer, and Art Director. 


Unlike ArcherChozen was a Flash-based show, with some of our animation getting shipped overseas to the animation house SNIPPLE. 

Over the course of the season, I was responsible for overseeing all departments. This included storyboards, character and prop design, layout design, character building and rigging, 2D and EFX animation, backgrounds, 3D environments/vehicles and compositing.

In addition to departmental oversight, I also maintained schedules, checked time cards, broke down scripts for assets, managed and maintained asset spreadsheets and google docs, ran daily/weekly production meetings and check-ins, and communicated with executive producers and clientele.

Finally, when my other responsibilities were tended to, I would storyboard portions of the episode, work with our designers to create character and layout designs, mood boards, style sheets, and gather video and image reference.

One of the more challenging aspects of Chozen was that each episode needed a short music video designed alongside the designing of the rest of the episode.

I would normally try to storyboard these myself, but given time restrictions and my wide range of other responsibilities, I didn't always have the chance. Above, however, are several examples of what I made time for over the course of the season. 

As you can see, the animatics were left a little rougher than what other productions might use. This was not only due to the nature of the speed and volume with which was had to work, but also a testament to how strong our teams communication was.