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Associate Supervising Director / Art Director

Archer is one of the few remaining shows that is made, from start to finish, entirely within the US. It is because of this that I had the great pleasure of working hands-on with a complete production staff all under one roof.


As part of Archer's unique, creative landscape, many staff roles were combined in an effort to maximize productivity while keeping costs low. Within the production hierarchy, for example, the "Art Director" was a combination of a Supervising Director, Art Director, and Line Producer.

Over the course of 2 seasons (one of which won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program), I was responsible, alongside Supervising Director/Art Director Chad Hurd, for overseeing every department in the production. This included storyboards, character design, layout design, illustration assets, character builds and rigging, animation, backgrounds, 3D environments/vehicles and compositing.

In addition to departmental oversight, I also carried responsibilities of a Line Producer/Production Coordinator. This included maintaining schedules, checking time cards, breaking down scripts for assets, managing and maintaining asset spreadsheets and google docs, running daily/weekly production meetings, and communicating with executive producers and clientele.

Finally, when time allowed, we'd work with our designers to create character and layout designs, mood boards, style sheets, gather video and image reference - anything that helped create a road map for the production team to get from start to finish.

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